What is the most likely reason for us to ask our hairdresser about colour whilst we’re in the salon? Could it be the first signs of grey hair, or how to care for ageing hair? For the majority of us as we age we will get grey hair. There is actually no such thing as silver or grey hair; what is happening is the white hair when mixed in with your natural colour has the effect of looking grey on darker shades and silver on lighter shades.

Why do we go grey?

This change of colour is associated with signs of ageing and is often feared by men and women alike. Yet grey hair should be celebrated. It can certainly look beautiful, graceful & erudite, allowing you to display self confidence in your ageing process.

Apart from the colour, will my grey hair change in other ways?

Your grey hair may also change in texture as you grow older, feeling finer, delicate or brittle or it may feel wiry, coarse or lacking in moisture. Yet do not fret, as with proper care you can ensure your ageing grey hair remains as manageable and beautiful as it was in your younger days!

What can I do?

Shampoo for silver or grey hairA silver or violet hued shampoo and conditioner such as Philip Kingsley Pure Silver is essential for white hair. White hair has lost all pigment rendering it white however, the main protein of  hair structure is called keratin which is yellow. Often keratin’s yellow hue can be seen so a violet shampoo & conditioner will counter this effect. Philip Kingsley’s Pure Silver is based on their biggest selling Moisture Balancing range and is mild enough to use daily or more.

Moisture loss is responsible for the brittle or coarse feel of white hair. We don’t know why but when the hair stops producing pigment there is often a reduction in the amount of moisture produced as well. Many of our clients use Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer treatment to combat this moisture loss.

Philip Kingsley’s hero product Elasticizer will, if used regularly, replenish the lost moisture making hair feel bouncy, soft and shiny. As Elasticizer is a pre shampoo treatment, i.e. you shampoo it out after the treatment, it won’t weigh down fine hair.

Anything I shouldn’t do with grey hair?

hairdresser bath

Styling tools such as hair straighteners, rollers and curling irons can cause damage to your ageing hair and should be used on medium heat settings especially if your hair is feeling fine, delicate or losing moisture. There’s nothing wrong with using these tools occasionally to get the style of your dreams. Additionally, hair drying should be kept to a minimum and always used at a medium heat setting keeping the dryer a distance of around 6 to 12 inches from your head.

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