There was a huge variety of hairstyles on the catwalk shows at 2017’s London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Created by top hairdressers and hairstylists taking inspiration from past hair trends, the hairstyles were an eclectic mix of fun, quirky and classic designs.

If you are looking to try something different with your locks and you want to change up your tresses, here are our top five catwalk hairstyles.

1. Pastel-coloured and rainbow hair

Choose from a variety of pastel shades and rainbow colours – lilacs, greens, pinks and blues – to lighten and brighten your hair and make you stand out from the crowd. For that extra edge, add a variety of colours to your locks and add style (i.e. braids or tousled locks) for that extra definition.

2. 80s power curls

Going back in time to the 80s doesn’t have to be so bad. This decade was big on textured waves and curls and this season made a comeback on the catwalk. Curl your hair, brush through and add a middle parting in order to achieve that desired look.

3. Long sleek straight hairstyles

Long sleek straight hair was all the rage in the catwalk shows this season. To achieve this edgy style, straighten your hair, comb back and then – for the added sleek effect – add gel at the front of the hair and push it back.

4. Short fringes

The short fringe, also known as the micro-fringe, was very popular at London Fashion Week. It looks a little bit dishevelled but it’s a great style to emulate with a bob so you can channel Vogue boss Anna Wintour. Also, the shorter the fringe the better.

5. The wet hair look

The wet hair look – seen frequently backstage at the fashion shows – recreates that moment when you’ve washed your hair and just towel-dried it, but in a good way. In fact, to create this look any time of day, your key ingredient is hair serum, mousse or gel – not water!

If you want to get these Fashion Week hairstyles but you don’t want to DIY, then feel free to contact us or pop into our hair salon in Bath. Our top hairstylists will create the perfect catwalk hairstyle just for you.