Hair Trends Wella BrondeThere’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fresh hair cut after a trip to the hairdressers. From a new length to highlights, a colour change to re-styling, there’s a number of ways in which you and your stylist can can create a look that’s personalises the latest hair trends to you.

So what are the latest hair trends to try out?

Contouring is a new technique combining the freehand application process of Balayage and the contouring approach used by professional make-up artists. Contouring involves using ribbons of colour applied freehand around the front hairline nearest the face. Clever placement of colour and use of shading can enhance the eyes and cheekbones, narrow and slim rounder face shapes or even give the appearance of bringing wide eyes closer together! Combine contouring with a precision haircut for the ultimate in personalised styling and stay on-trend with the look being adopted by plenty of celebrities.

In general, colouring in 2016 was the year of grey. Whether that’s white, steel, silver or matte. Alongside grey brighter colours came to the fore, denim blues, ice cream shades and rainbow hair. These will still prove popular however, we think  2017 is a more of a muted affair.

‘Le Beige’

Picking up where Bronde and Ecaille (Tortoiseshell) left off we think the beige and neutral tones synonymous with Armani’s clothing collections in the 90’s will start to have impact. Hairdressing brand Wella have released 3 new tones in their Le Beige Collection which work hand in hand with Contouring. Come talk to our Wella Master Colourist Louise or one of our talented hairdressers to find out more about these hair trends!


If you’re looking for a new hair trend in colour there’s ‘Sombre’.  It sounds like Ombre, and that’s because it’s not that dissimilar a trend. It’s far from depressing or melancholy too. Essentially, it’s the same idea of lightened ends blending up into darker hair but for the Sombre version the colours are much closer in tone. It’s a very subtle version of the Ombre look, but still as chic and eye-catching as ever.

Hair Accessories

Next up are trends in hair accessories… There’s a lot to explore and it really doesn’t matter whether you have long hair, cropped or a bob. From a hair crown to headband, jewels to ribbons, flowers to hair clips – nothing is too much. Pile it on, pack it up and get creative.

Top knots

For understated chic, there’s top knots. It’s the undone look that requires you to make something that happens in a matter of seconds look perfect. Chances are it’ll take you much longer, but it’s a trend that’s not about to leave any time soon.

Get the look for you

Ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members at Material for hair trends and styling tips next time you’re in getting your hair done!