In the hair salon the arrival of October brings our thoughts to all things autumnal. Nature has changed her vivid summer hues and bright green foliage for deep reds and oranges, chestnuts and russets.

For you, perhaps, the logs are piled neatly in the store, or  you are thinking about warm coats, scarves and long boots and the first Sunday roast of the season.

Meanwhile us stylists are ready to mirror nature and play with a palette of reds and auburns or simply add a little warmth to your existing hair colour.

With all that in mind our talented team of hairdressers at Material has put together this useful guide: 5 steps to get the perfect red and auburn hair colour for you.

Will red hair suit me?

  1. Does your skin have a pinky or cool tone?  If yes you’ll have less trouble pulling it off than your olive and warm skinned sisters. One way to check your skin tone is your veins! Believe it or not green veins equal warm skin, blue or purple veins equal cool skin!
  2. You’re confident – Red hair is a powerful statement, You’ll need to have the personality that enjoys turning heads and being centre of attention. To sum it up “Like a sequinned dress red hair enters the room before you.”
  3. Your hair is in good condition – When red fades it’s more noticeable, when your hair cuticle is raised, i.e dry damaged hair, those little red colour molecules will fade quicker.
  4. Eye colour – blue, green, will come alive with red hair. Hazel will add a striking element, furthermore dark dark brown eyes will ooze sultry vibes.

Consultation with my hairdresser? 

  1. Pictures – not only of the colours you like but also what you don’t.
  2. Describe what colour clothes you like to wear: Are they bright colours or subtle tones? We don’t want a hair and wardrobe malfunction
  3.  Ditto Make up!
  4. How committed am I? Do I want a total colour change or just add some copper when I have my regular highlights.

Is red & auburn hair big right now?

  1. Rose Gold – As beguiling to behold as it is to achieve, the rose gold trend started in 2016 and is here to stay. From metallic to pinky to more golden rose gold hair is where it’s at.
  2. Peach – Extend summers’ pastel palette into autumn hues.

What hair colour do I want and how do I maintain it?

  1. Pre lighten & tone – This is the route if you want very light copper gold, rose gold or pastel peach tones. The result will be amazing but it’s for high maintenance girls and boys only!
  2. Full head colour – great for a total transformation, works well for darker red shades. Consequently think root retouch every six weeks.
  3. Highlights – If you want more than one colour or prefer strawberry or light golden tones. Consider having a gloss between colour visits to reduce any brassy tones
  4. Balayage / Ombre – Still very popular and with clever placement you could bend the rules on what truly suits you or go for fiery statement colours.

See our service menu for a full price list of all these colour services

Reds fade quickly don’t they?

  1. The red molecule is small and can fall out easily if hair isn’t in top condition.
  2. In your overall budget leave room for a mild colour safe shampoo that you can use daily.
  3. Get an in-salon colour locking conditioning treatment applied directly after your colour.
  4. Invest in a good conditioning treatment like Elasticizer. Use it before and after you go red.
  5. You can always top up your colour cost effectively in between visiting the salon by using a glossing product; we use and recommend Colour Fresh or Perfecton for you to use at home, your stylist will happily and match the correct tone.

Summing up

Welcome autumn, the season of change, with open arms and an open mind and, whatever your style, be brave and let your hairdresser work their magic on your locks.