Holiday season is upon us! While we’re all clued up on protecting skin, hair & scalp are sometimes forgotten. Just as well Material is here with our summer hair-care tips!

 Hair- care Before you go

To cut or not to cut?

No harm in having a haircut before you leave. Heading for the sun and have short hair on or above your hairline?  Definitely get a cut pre holiday, consider going a little shorter at the hairline because you won’t get tan lines when you get your post holiday cut!

Should I colour before?

Our hairdressers at Material Bath don’t advise major colour  services before holidays. The reason for this is UV. Yes UV is your friend when it comes to tanning, but not so much when it comes to hair condition. The sun will erode the hair cuticle bleaching and fading your colour. Add twin sisters salt & chlorinated water to big sister UV and you’re in deep damage territory!

Summer hair-care tip? Our hairdressers recommend that you refresh you existing colour by having a Semi Colour ( great for dark or intense colours hues ) or a toner ( brilliant for bringing cool tones to highlights )  before you go and of course getting grey roots covered is a must. Semi colours & Toners are Xpress services and take up to 30 mins.


Is your hair long? To me that’s any length past your shoulders! Then Braiding is a great summer hair-care tip. If you’re off for a long weekend or camping festival and don’t want the faff of shampoo, conditioner, styling product et al or hair in your face, then some on trend braids will suit you well. Braiding in bright or pastel hued synthetic hair was really popular for us at Material last summer. For ideas and more details scroll our Insta page and check out Material’s previous post

Abi is our house braiding specialist and created the looks below. To book in call us 01225 311808 and ask for Abi.


Hair-care When you’re there

Prevention is better than cure

1.Wear a hat with a large brim

2. Look after your hair & scalp with Philip Kingsley UV spray

3. Use Philip Kingsley Swim Cap to protect your hair in the sea or pool

4. Go with the sunshine vibes and air-dry not blow dry

5. Gently Plait damp hair then leave to dry, Instant 60’s hippy/Balearic look

6. Remember: hair is at its most vulnerable when wet so treat gently!

7. Soothe sunburnt scalps with Philip Kingsley After Sun Scalp Mask