Having your hair coloured at a hairdressers is a luxe and enjoyable experience. Nothing beats the look and feel of that freshly coloured hair. Coloured hair needs extra care, so here’s 4 steps for longer lasting hair colour to help you keep your look fresh between salon visits.

Tips for keeping your hair colour fresh

1. Hair Condition

Often overlooked, but if your hair is in good condition before and after your colour it will be less prone to fading.

Why? Firstly the science bit: Each hair’s structure has 3 layers the Medulla, cortex and the cuticle. What we’re interested in is the cuticle (see pic below). The cuticle is the outside layer of the hair,We think of it like fish scales. When those scales are tightly packed and flat the hair reflects light, is silky soft and not frizzy.

The cuticle is protecting the cortex, where the magic happens. To get to the colour molecules locked away in the cortex we have to open the cuticle. If then we don’t seal the cuticle post colour and regularly treat it in between salon visits the cuticle will stay open. That equals dull hair; not silky soft but frizzy. And more importantly those colour molecules deposited during your service will fall right back out of the cuticle. Otherwise known as fading!


Blonde Hair ShampooUse a gentle shampoo that is either colour safe or specialist; all our Philip Kingsley products are safe to use. Highly alkaline, detoxing or clarifying shampoos are best avoided as they all have a tendency to deep clean the hair and open the cuticle – leading to? Thats right, fading!


Always condition you hair after shampooing even if you have fine hair, again its about smoothing down the cuticle.


Treatments, masques etc are different to a conditioner – they penetrate the cuticle depositing moisture & nutrients far deeper than a surface conditioner. It really is worth investing in a treatment and using it weekly to prolong the life of your colour.

2. Have a Glaze in between your colour services

Our stylists at Material recommend a Glaze as a great way to prolong the life of your colour. You can achieve great shine and conditioning benefits. Alongside toning blondes, refreshing, brunettes and adding vibrancy back to reds. You can always come in to Material to speak to Abi, Louise or Beth.  Or if DIY is more your thing ask us about Wella Colour Fresh the Professional Glaze you can easily do at home!

3. Use heat-styling tools sparingly

Over-using your heated styling tools, particularly if using over 180 degrees, is one of the biggest culprits of hair damage.  Use of heat can also cause coloured hair to lose its condition and shine, as well as fade the colour quicker.

FASHION WEEK 2018 PHILIP KINGSLEY INSTANT BEACHAt Material we always recommend our clients invest in quality heated appliances with a thermostat so you can control the heat. As a general rule you should use temperatures under 180 degrees so as not to adversely affect the hair condition or fade colour.

At Material we use Cloud 9 heat styling appliances which all have a thermostat. Perfect for low heat styling. We also highly recommend using a heat protection spray or cream to help to shield your hair from damage and keep it strong and healthy, as well as helping your style to last longer.

4. Come talk to us

If you’re concerned or want some tips from us on  how to maintain your new hair colour for longer or to book yourself in for an appointment – Speak to one of our hairdressers in Bath at Material Hair Salon. we’ll be able to offer you further tips on how to keep your ‘do fresh.