Here are Paul’s 5 reasons short hair rocks!

1. Time for change

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

It seems to me that long, wavy, tonged hair, coloured all the hues of the rainbow, has been in for ages. You’ll need only to briefly scan hairdressing, beauty or fashion pages of social media sites such as Instagram and Pintrest to see a myriad of these styles. Whilst I like long hair and bright colours and I’m sure those styles will be popular for quite some time, I really am a fan of short sharp haircuts. To see Zoe Kravitz adorning the front cover of the latest edition of Vogue rocking a bright blond Pixie Crop made my hairdressing day!

2. Short hair is timeless

From the short bobs that Flapper Girls wore at the height of the roaring 20’s to Vidal Sassoon’s perfectly geometric 60’s cuts to Princess Di’s short, elegant textured styles of the 90’s women with great personal style, vision and a non conformist attitude have worn their hair short.

Like wearing a pair of jeans, white t-shirt and a leather jacket, short hair styles change with fashion cycles but they’re always relevant, always cool, always placing the wearer at the vanguard of fashion & style movements. Just think of some of fashion’s most iconic women in the last decade, Anna Wintour and her immaculate short bob, Stella Tennants’ & Erin O’connors’ perennialy cropped hair gliding along the catwalks of London, Paris & New York. Or How about Victoria Beckham, she has style in bucket loads and wore her hair in a variety of short wearable do’s throughout the Noughties.

3. No age restrictions

By now you must be getting the hint that I think short hair looks undeniably modern and stylish. However, does it work for all ages not just the under 30’s?!  ‘Its ok when you’re young and fresh’ you say. But that’s not always the case when women decide to lop off their longer locks as they hit their 40’s.

So how do you keep your hair up-to-date once you lose the length? Here’s a great tip from hairdressing legend Sam McKnight 

“Nowadays I think that the modern way for short hair, no matter your age, is something that isn’t too cropped, or looks like it was blow-dried in a salon or had too much time spent on styling. That can look too ‘mumsy’. It should be much more confident than that. It’s all in the cut, with a little help from some styling products.” – Sam McKnight

Sam is the man so ’nuff said!

4.Low Maintenance

Let’s get practical! You’re off for a weekend city break with the your friends. The cabin case is looking very full already: Friday nights’ little number is in the bag, you’ve got something suitably relaxed but stylish for Saturday shopping and lunch, another perhaps slinkier number for Saturday night. Some dress down pieces for a Sunday of culture and the schlep home. Now where are you going to find room for shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry spray and serum? Not to mention hairdryer, brush, straighteners or curling wand!

The short hair girl will have all the above save the hair products. At the most a travel shampoo & conditioner but being as your hair is short and it’s just the weekend you can use the set provided by hotel. No need to blow-dry as your Pixie crop is better the less you fuss with it so all I need is a tiny bit of styling product and you’re good to go.

5. Brings out the best in you

Whereas long hair can hide your face unless you opt for a statement fringe, short hair can reveal and draw attention to your face’s best assets:

  • Got great eyes? A fringe will show them off.
  • Got high cheekbones? The shape through the sides of a short cut can highlight them even more.
  • Got an elegant neck? Try having the back cut in a little tighter to really show it off.

A good hair cut should help balance your face shape:

  • If you have a rounded face try a flatter shape with some textured areas  around the jawline to lengthen. A fringe will shorten the length of a long face.
  • If you have a square face shape a perfectly rounded Mouche style will compliment Try adding an asymmetric fringe to soften the angles.

Finally a little help with hair texture:

  • Fine to medium hair is perfectly suited to geometric cuts; I suggest softening the outlines to keep them up to date.
  • Medium to thick hair will work best cut quite tight following the natural contours of the head. Leave enough length so the hair can be texturised for a feminine