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One biblical thunderstorm later and our sultry Indian summer has given way to an autumnal chill.
You may be starting to realise that all that fun you had in the sun, sea and sand hasn’t been much fun on your hair. Dry, dull and split hair won’t be much good for autumn’s requirements of sleek, smooth, cared-for hair. Treat your hair to some much-needed, easy-peasy TLC:

STEP 1 Trim the ends – You’ll be surprised at the difference this can make
STEP 2  Re-moisturise – Put back the precious moisture the sun stripped from your hair

For autumn, I’m recommending a bob. Not only do I love cutting them and think it’s the most chic and versatile style but I also wear an asymmetric one myself. Bobs can be worn both casual and sleek, perfect for important work meetings. It’s easy to maintain and style; all you need is a good cut and shape and, with so many possible variations, there is one to suit you. The key to keeping it looking good is condition.

Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer spa treatment will help to put back the moisture your hair lost over the summer whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy a head, neck and shoulder massage.

I love these two asymmetric styles. Both very flattering and styled completely differently, this style is nice and easy to maintain and can be cut to whichever length suits you.

hairdresser bath

hairdresser bath

hairdresser bath

Ombre colouring isn’t just for long hair, as this image shows it also suits a bob or asymmetrical style that has movement and curl. Tint and pieces will really enhance a bob by accentuating the layers & texture. Or how about a flash of colour on the longer side to attract attention and add interest?

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