Training | What it’s like to graduate from Trainee to Stylist at Material

//Training | What it’s like to graduate from Trainee to Stylist at Material

Moving from college to a salon, you think would be easy. You’ve been shown and taught everything you need to make it as a Stylist… or at least that’s what Tania thought…

Paul offered me a job at the Salon in September 2013 as the Salon was opening. We had spoken about further training and I was excited to learn new techniques and for him to pass on his skills from Sassoon to me.’

January 2014 came around and my 3 months ‘vardering’ began on top of my Assistant role. 4 Models, 2-3 hours long every Tuesday and Wednesday. To begin with the training was hard, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t been taught like this before.

In the space of 3 months my confidence, skills and knowledge about hair improved massively. Before starting my training you wouldn’t have seen me go near a bob but now it’s my favourite cut! I have also learnt how important a good blow dry is to the cut; it allows you to ensure that the cut is precise and as good as it can be. With men’s hair I now understand more about shape and how the head shape, hair texture, growth patterns and muscles in the neck affect the cut you need/can achieve. I have learnt so much from Paul, if I hadn’t been given the chance to have the extra training, looking back I think I would have lacked a lot confidence in my own work!

I know that if I am ever unsure of anything, Paul is always right there. I am so glad that I have been given this opportunity to be working along side someone with such knowledge and precision as Paul.

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