Pomade Review #6 | Anchors Teddy Boy Original

//Pomade Review #6 | Anchors Teddy Boy Original

Anchors-Teddy-Boy-PomadeFragrance: Bay Rum and Mint [10/10] Texture: Creamy and smooth [10/10] Amount Used: 1 thumb-sized scoop [7/10] Hold: Firm [7/10] Control: Easy to manipulate [9/10] Shine: Natural [7/10] Duration / Staying Power: Moderate [7/10] Cleanse out: Easy to cleanse, conditioning [8/10] Packaging: Victorian Pirate [9/10]

Once in a while a product appears on the market that redefines people’s perception of pomade – Anchors Teddy Boy Original, with its unique water-based formulation, is unlike any other. With a classic scent, creamy texture, firm hold and easy rinsability this is sure to be a favourite for an array of hairstyles.

Teddy Boy Original, like all Anchors’ hair products, is handcrafted in Knoxville Tennessee, by a US Army veteran using natural ingredients, free of parabens, petroleum and alcohol. It is presented in a beautiful amber coloured jar with a twist top. The branding evokes thoughts of a pirate elixir and would not look out of place on the counter of a victorian pharmacy. Opening the jar continues this theme as you take a whiff of the bay rum and mint scent, synonymous with seafaring apothecary.

The texture of the pomade is where things get interesting. Typically water-based products have a clear jelly or jam-like appearance, but Teddy Boy Original is white and opaque. Remember grandad’s Brylcreem? Like that but thicker. It is very smooth when scooping out of the jar and spreads very easily through the hands. Application again is very sleek, it is not grippy or sticky. Due to the abundance of natural oils in the formulation it leaves your hair feeling very soft with a subtle shine.

Styling is a breeze with this product, whether you use your hands or a comb it is very easy to manipulate. Despite providing a creamy application, carnauba and beeswax give the product a firm hold that seems to activate as you style. As a result you could easily manipulate your hair into an array of shapes without fear of the product drying out. Another surprising feature is how easy the product is to cleanse out. While it is thick and creamy in the hair it is very easy to rinse and leaves your hair conditioned and soft.

Teddy Boy Original has surprised and impressed with a formulation like none other on the market – the subtle scent and vintage styling affirm its quality. If you are after a product that is easy to use, provides a firm hold and does not leave your hair feeling dry then this pomade is a must have.

by Philip Pantelides

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