Pomade review #5 | Admiral Fiber Pomade

//Pomade review #5 | Admiral Fiber Pomade

Admiral-Fiber-PomadeFragrance: Sweet Vanilla [8/10] Texture: Fibrous [10/10] Amount Used: 1.5 thumb-sized scoops [6/10] Hold: Medium-Firm [8/10] Control: Malleable / re-workable [8/10] Shine: Natural Finish [6/10] Duration / Staying Power: medium / natural hold [6/10] Cleanse out: Easy to cleans [7/10] Packaging: Monochrome clean [8/10]

Fiber pomades are a relatively modern type of formulation in the world of hair products and make use of fibrous strands to hold a style in place while remaining malleable. Admiral Barber Supply Co has adopted this scientific approach in creating this Fiber Pomade which results in an incredibly natural finish, workable texture and tremendous strength for a medium hold product.

Much like Admiral’s Classic Pomade it’s presented in a sophisticated seafaring-inspired packaging, albeit with a more monochrome appearance. The anchor and wreath printed directly onto the jar is iconic and validates the quality of the brand. Lifting the lid reveals an intriguing glittery, yet translucent pomade that has a similar appearance to set honey. The sweet vanilla scent is more natural than some other pomades of this fragrance, but is still potent so it doesn’t fade throughout the day. Even before you dip your fingers in Admiral’s Fiber Pomade you get a sense this is something a little different.

As you take some product from the jar you can immediately feel and see the fibrous texture. It’s slightly firmer than a standard water-based and a touch stickier, but is very easy to manipulate. Rubbing it through the hands and hair stretches the fiber strands and “activates” the pomade. Application is relatively smooth, not grippy and definitely workable. However, don’t expect it to apply as smoothly as a classic water based – it is simply a different kind of product.

The fiber formulation means the pomade remains re-stylable all day and won’t dry out and set. Despite being advertised as a medium hold it has pretty good staying power, especially for a kind of product that usually has a lighter finish. It also gives hair a natural shine – a refreshing change compared to greasier pomades. Being a water soluble pomade it’s easy to cleanse, but is a touch thicker in the hair than some others.

Admiral Barber Supply Co is known for investing a lot of R&D into creating its products and this pomade is no exception. With the application of material science these SoCal surf-nerds have created a superb Fiber Pomade, perfect for those who sport a more natural look that can be reworked throughout the day.

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