Pomade Review #4 – Admiral

//Pomade Review #4 – Admiral

Fragrance : Natural, coconut macaroons [9/10] Texture : Ultra smooth, Non-grippy [10/10] Amount used : 1.5 thumb-sized scoops [6/10] Hold : Firm [8/10] Control : Impressive [9/10] Shine : Natural [6/10] Duration / Staying power : Holds steady [8/10] Cleanse out : Easy to wash [8/10
Packaging : Sophisticated surf [8/10]

Water based pomades often have a bad rep among pomade enthusiasts for being too “gel-like” or for drying out and flaking. Admiral Supply Co’s – Strong Hold Classic Pomade has enough refinement and hold to convert any oil-based aficionado and is perfect for those looking for a more sophisticated hair product.

Hailing from San Diego in sunny California, Admiral Pomade has suave surf-style branding. You can imagine it looking good on a mid-century dresser, sitting next to a vintage wooden longboard or a stack of 70s surf records. The crimson plastic jar has the white print directly applied to it and is topped with an aluminium lid – all adding an air of quality to the product. Opening it up the pomade has a similar deep red jelly appearance of Uppercut Deluxe. Similarly, the scent is of coconut macaroons, yet far more natural than Uppercut’s over-sweet aroma. There’s definitely a level of finesse about this product, which is probably a consequence of the 9 months of research that went into its development.

Admiral pomade is very easy to scoop out the jar and has a smooth, non-sticky consistency. Firm hold water-based pomades often have a grippy characteristic when spreading through the hands and hair; again Admiral Supply Co have bucked the trend creating a very easy-to-use product. Styling is where this product comes into its own – it is a breeze to comb through and has the hold to allow you to manipulate your hair into an array of styles. Despite being a water-based product, the inclusion of beeswax in the formula ensures it does not dry out too much, leaving you with a smooth finish and natural shine.

The beeswax seems to have very little effect on the ease of cleansing, much like other water-based products it is very easy to wash out. The hold in general is firm (not too heavy), without sacrificing on texture. However, if you have thicker wavier hair you may find you work your way through the 4oz jar quicker than some other pomades to achieve a similar hold.

If you’ve been put off by water-based pomades in the past or are looking for a premium pomade at a reasonable price this won’t disappoint! Much like the Southern Californians have distilled the humble IPA into a craft beverage, SoCal’s own Admiral Supply Co have created a water-based pomade that is refined, complex and pleasing on many levels. @philipantelides

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