Pomade Review #3 | Layrite Original

//Pomade Review #3 | Layrite Original

Layrite-DeluxeFragrance: Vanilla with Play-doh undertones [7/10] Texture: Smooth application, non-sticky[8/10] Amount used: 2 finger-sized scoops [7/10] Hold: Firm [8/10] Control: Superb [9/10] Shine: Natural shine [7/10] Duration / Staying power: All day hold [8/10] Cleanse out: Easy to cleanse [9/10] Packaging: 50’s Nostalgia [7/10]

Layrite Original is a high hold water-based pomade that claims to “Hold like a Wax and Wash out Like a Gel.” That is a bold statement and one that Layrite’s original formula stands up to; easy to style and surprisingly brilliant results!

The pomade is presented in a large 4oz plastic jar giving you plenty bang for your buck. The labelling is bold yellow with a gold band round the lid, both adorned with Layrite’s classic pin-up girl motif. Classic 50’s cool! Opening the jar, the pomade has a unique bright-orange jelly appearance. The vanilla scent, with play-doh smelling undertones, is fairly potent and seems to strengthen as you work the product through your hands and hair. The whole package has a wonderful air of nostalgia about it.

Much like any other water-based pomade, the product is very easy to scoop out of the jar. It’s fairly firm and not as sticky as some others, like Uppercut Deluxe, which is rather refreshing. It is very easy to spread through your hands and work into the hair. The product is very easy to comb through and doesn’t grip or dry out too quickly when styling.

Applied to dry hair you get a firm hold, but the thing that is most impressive about this product is the level of control you get. If you are pressed for time this should be your go to product. Apply, comb and leave the house with great looking hair!

There is a good amount of shine for a water-based product, resulting in a natural, non-greasy finish. Layrite Original locks your style in place as it starts to dry, however it doesn’t flake or harden. You are able to re-comb your hair throughout the day as the product sets with a fairly waxy texture. So, it definitely holds like a wax…but does it wash out like a gel? Yes! The pomade is really easy to cleanse from the hair and worn on top of an oil based pomade will help remove that too – added bonus!

If you are new to the world of pomades Layrite Original is a brilliant place to start. It has many of the benefits of a wax based, but is much easier to cleanse out. The pomade gives you a level of control and hold that will cover all styles from pompadours to high tops and classic contours.

By Philip Pantelides

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