Let our hairdressers in Bath pick the perfect colour for you

//Let our hairdressers in Bath pick the perfect colour for you

If you need help picking the perfect colour for your hair then come and visit our talented hairdressers in Bath at Material hair salon.

Choosing the right hair colour can be tricky! When you’re in the hairdresser’s chair and the colour chart opens up there are so many shades it’s hard to know where to start. This is where a good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold! A good stylist should be a ‘hair detective’ asking the right questions to really get to the core of what it is you would like for your hair: It could be a refresh of the colour you’ve had before, a first time colour, or a total revamp.

Before we welcome you into the salon for your perfect colour here are some points to think about:

Why am I colouring my hair?

  • To cover grey
  • Adding interest
  • Following current fashion or trends
  • Don’t like my natural colour
  • For an event
  • I’m bored
  • To make myself look younger/older/prettier/individual
  • New look
  • Lifestyle change
  • Relationship breakup
  • Seasonal change
Wella Colour Fresh

Semi Permanent Colour

Establishing the driving factor or factors behind your desire for colour will really help your hairdresser. For example, if you want a seasonal look you will have a smaller fixed tonal family to play with.

If you’re bored it may be better to have a semi like Colour Fresh or Quasi Colour which is low commitment and easily changed. Or if you’ve finally got rid of that no good man in your life, a total change rendering you irresistible to the opposite sex is probably the way to go!

Quasi Colour: Wella Colour Touch

Does this colour fit in with my lifestyle?

  • Do I swim a lot
  • Do I have time to come and get it refreshed as often as it’ll need
  • Is it in keeping with my day job
  • Will I need to change my make up
  • Do I do a lot of high heat styling at home
  • Am I prepared to invest in the right conditioning/upkeep products

These are important factors. If, for example, you swim regularly, chlorine can play havoc particularly with blonde colours. However, there are products like PK Swimcap that protect your colour from chlorine and salt water. If you work in a client facing business not everyone you meet may think that your uber trendy rainbow coloured hair is appropriate! Finally, there’s no denying some colours are heavy on maintenance; are you happy to spend those extra couple of hours in the salon every 6 weeks?

My hair is coloured, will that limit my choices?

The beauty of colour is that you can completely transform your hair with less commitment than a radical new cut! As ever though there are some points to consider when changing previously coloured hair:

Condition, condition, condition and condition again : The integrity of your hair should be paramount to your hairdresser’s ideas. If we can change your hair and keep good condition then lets go for it. If not, think again!

Patience : Many of the complete colour changes that celebrities have or that you see on social media require many hours sat in the salon over 2,3 or even 4 visits, sometimes with a team of colourists working together! What you’ve seen may not be achievable in one go so be prepared that your dream colour may be a work in progress. We can achieve it if you’re prepared for the journey.

How can colour compliment my hair cut?

Contouring : has been 2017’s biggest colour trend, it is a way of complimenting the face shape using ribbons of colour, see one of our previous colouring posts for details:  The Latest Hair Trends of 2017

Texture : Clever use of highlighting can add texture to dense dark hair & volume to fine hair.

Fringe : If you have a fringe, or bangs to use our transatlantic cousins terms, clever use of colour can strengthen or soften the effect the fringe has on your face shape.

Use your natural hair colour, skin tone and eye colour

We covered these subjects pretty comprehensively in this earlier colour blog: Blonde Not Blonde Question. However, us hairdressers at Material always enjoy a bit of research so we have these interesting pointers to add:

When looking at your hair in natural light consider:

  • Natural morning light makes hair appear cooler
  • In midday natural light hair will appear its truest colour
  • Evening natural light hair makes hair appear warmer

Conclusion : Wait until lunchtime before you do your own colour consultation!

When looking at your hair in artificial light consider:

  • UV lights (blue/violet toned) will cool hair colour
  • Tungsten everyday light bulb (yellow/orange toned) will make the hair look warmer

Conclusion : At lunchtime when you’re carrying out your personal consultation, take the mirror outside the office!

Skin Tone : Your skin tone does not change with age,  your skin only becomes more pale.
In other words, platinum blonde and black are off the menu

Inspiration : For the artist in you – Van Goch leaned towards warmer colours in his paintings and L.S. Lowry cooler. Which paintings’ colours appeal to you more?

Find your perfect colour in partnership with us

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding on your perfect colour and even the most talented colourists will have to work with constraints like artificial lighting and the time of day. Just as well our hairdressers in Bath at Material will be able to take all this into account when they see you next! Surely it would be worth booking a consultation with one of our team today?!

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