Throughout time both women and men have coloured their hair. It is known that the Gauls (1st Century BC) dyed their hair red as a mark of class and rank and the Egyptians used henna to cover grey.

These days colouring hair is more popular than ever. The science and art of colouring has moved on making it easier to get the colour you want; whether that’s a rich glossy brown, a bold blonde or a vibrant red. It is thought that around 70% of women now colour their hair – a big increase from only 5% in the 1950s.

Whether you colour your hair to camouflage grey, enhance your natural tones or to make a statement, there is a colour to suit everyone.

Experimenting with colour
Pastel colours can be great fun. Soft pinks, lilacs and blues are becoming more and more popular. If you’re interested in changing your colour or being a bit more daring, look at the colour of the clothes and accessories you wear. That should give you a good idea as to the right colour pallet for your skin tone.

What’s hot for spring/summer 2014
Be bold and brave. Whether you want to be blonde, black, red or blue it’s about making a statement with your colour.

How to ensure you get the colour you want
Communication is key. Bring in pictures of things you like and even things you don’t like. Having a visual aid is a great way of making sure everyone has a clear idea of what is to be achieved.