Pomade Review #7 | Layrite Cement Hair Clay

//Pomade Review #7 | Layrite Cement Hair Clay

hairdresser bathFragrance: Vanilla candy floss [7/10] Texture: Clay-like paste [7/10] Amount used: One finger-sized scoop [7/10] Hold: Intense [9/10] Control: Superb [8/10] Shine: Natural finish [6/10] Duration / Staying Power: Brilliant + reworkable [9/10] Cleanse out: Easy to wash [8/10] Packaging: 50’s hot rod garage [7/10]

Typically traditional pomades offer a high-shine finish that some find too greasy or slick looking for modern classic styles, whereas more matte products tend to have a low hold and are focused on more relaxed styles. Layrite has taken note of this gap in the market and formulated Layrite Cement Hair Clay – a water-based clay that offers a smooth natural finish along with exceptional hold.

Layrite Cement Hair clay is presented in the same style 4oz plastic jar as their famous Layrite Original formulation, albeit with a black and gold colourway. The company’s iconic 50’s style pin up girl adorns the front and lid, casually draping herself around a barber’s pole. Lifting the lid a strong vanilla candy-floss scent fills the room – the fragrance is certainly potent and may be a little sweet for some tastes. As expected Layrite Cement has the texture of…well…mixed cement yet is an off white clay colour – think glazing putty. All in all well presented, but with a fairly utilitarian look about it. The jar would sit well amongst vintage oil cans in a vintage hot rod garage.

Scooping the clay out the jar is much easier than expected, although it is quite dense so a little at a time is the recommended approach. Nonetheless, it is fairly easy to work into your hair once you have warmed it between your palms. The clay does have a slightly sticky texture and can grip a touch in bone-dry hair, so unless maximum hold is your goal apply to damp hair. That said, the pomade is incredibly easy to style and has a thickening effect that does not weigh your hair down – just the ticket for creating volume!

The finish is fairly natural, doesn’t flake and doesn’t leave your hair looking dull and dry like some matte products. Unlike real cement it doesn’t harden but has an incredibly strong hold that can withstand even the most blustery winter day. If the odd hair does fall out of place it is very easy to restyle, performing much like a heavy oil-based pomade with the added benefit of being completely water soluble. With hold like this, you may even forget how easy it is to wash out at the end of the day.

For those of you who wear a style that gives a nod to the classics but do not want to look like you have been pinching grandpa’s Brylcreem, Layrite Cement is the hair product for you. Its intense hold, volumising finish and re-workability puts this clay up there with some of the best matte products out there.

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