October Is Black History Month

tumblr_inline_nd6yg4Ge3V1slca1vOn the wall: Black Power Afro Pick
A London find from Camden Market circa 2007. I always imagined it on my salon wall… and here it is.

tumblr_inline_nd4v034ozL1slca1vTime is Illmatic, at the Watershed 27-30 October
A film about the making of Nas’s 20-year-old groundbreaking debut album Illmatic, “one of the most important and revolutionary albums in hip hop”.

My Barbadian dad emigrated from Essex to The Bronx in the early 1980s and raised my younger sister there. I went to visit him in ‘89 and again in ’96, two years after Illmatic was released. This album gave me a sense of the place where my dad and sister lived.

tumblr_inline_nd4uzkMw401slca1vOn the coffee table: John Gay, England Observed
Claire and I stumbled on an exhibition of John Gay’s photography at Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath in 2009 and bought the book. It’s an entertaining compilation of English eccentricity, architecture, nature and social commentary – including this of a London Market in the 1950s. Flick through it at your next appointment.

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