What Our Professionals Think Of Barnum Thermal Hairbrushes

//What Our Professionals Think Of Barnum Thermal Hairbrushes

Occasionally our little blog gets noticed by the hairdressing industry and we get asked our opinion on products. Barnum sent us a couple of their hairbrushes in return for an honest review on this blog. Here’s our humble opinion:

hairdresser bathMagnesium Thermal Brush

Packaging: 9/10
Grip: 8/10
Control: 8/10
Weight: 7/10
Anti-frizz: 7/10
Hair type: Almost all hair types, except extremely curly hair
Length of hair: Shoulder length and longer
Sectioning Tool: 3/10 – makes brush too long, not very   secure, would be good for home use
Overall: 9/10

Overall, we enjoyed using this brush. The packaging is very professional, clean and simple, making the product look expensive. The bright colours on the boxes are very eye catching.

We think the brush is a great tool to have in your tool kit. It creates a smooth and shiny result adding body and movement. It has a good grip and is very lightweight for its size. We wouldn’t be worried about over-using the brush as it feels very durable.


hairdresser bathYsocel Thermal Brush

Packaging: 9/10
5/10 (slippy, very thick handle)
Anti-frizz: 9/10
Hair type: Great for curly or frizzy hair
Length of hair: Above shoulder length
Overall: 8/10

Whether we would choose this brush depends very much on the result and hair texture we are working on. Although the results are good, we felt that the handle was too thick. It was difficult to get a good grip, especially when needing tension to smooth out extremely curly hair. That being said, it left the hair very smooth and shiny.

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